Sad Dog Left Tied To A Telephone Pole As Water Rises During Hurricane Harvey

Dogs are family. They should be treated like family. Dogs should be allowed to roam free in the event of catastrophe.

Unfortunately, this dog was left tied to a telephone pole and left to the elements during Hurricane Harvey.

A photo taken by the Daily Mail shows the ill-fated dog left tied to the pole in Victoria, Texas as water around him rises. Thankfully, Daily Mail photographer Ruaridh Connellan released the dog and brought him to safety.

Connellan couldn’t stop thinking about the dog he saved that day. He came back the next day with food and water for the puppy and named him Lucky. The grateful doggo led him to his other friends– a Pit bull cross, a cat and a pony.

All the other animals were free roaming, except for the Pit bull who was tied on the porch with a longer leash. At least he stayed dry through the ordeal.

Many dog owners will put their lives on the line to save their four-legged babies. This sight is incredibly heartbreaking. To his owner’s defense, they might have fled in panic and temporarily forgotten about the dog.

Continued rain and the threat of flash flood looms. Government officials encourage pet and livestock owners not to leave their animals tied and bring them to safety whenever possible.

In fact, it is illegal to leave your animals tied to a rope or chain in any extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes and tropical storms among others. Specific state laws prohibit such acts.

Would you let your dog inside the house during a natural disaster? Go to the next page to see the rest of this story!


  1. At my house, if you don’t like dog hair, don’t come in. My dogs are inside most of the day, by their choice, on my furniture, on my bed, and sometimes in my face. My house, my dogs, my rules. Love my dogs.


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