Sad Dog Left Tied To A Telephone Pole As Water Rises During Hurricane Harvey

‘I was happy to see Lucky when I pulled up to the property, she came running out through the fence and greeted me wagging her tail,’ Connellan said.

‘I fed Lucky some food I had in my car and gave her some fresh water.’

Meanwhile, Roman Forest chief Stephen Carlisle issues a warning to those who have animals in their care not to leave them tied during a disaster.

‘I promise you, that I will hold anyone accountable that unlawfully restrains their dog in extreme weather conditions;’ Carlisle  said in a statement on Friday.

Montgomery County police department reiterates what Carlisle said in a Facebook post.

‘‘Please do not keep your family members tied to a rope or chain’ the police department in Montgomery County said on Facebook. ‘It is against the law to keep a dog on a chain during extreme weather conditions.’’

The rule is simple. If you can’t withstand the conditions, your dog can’t either.

Walk a mile in their shoes and see if you’ll be okay with the conditions you subject them to. This dog would have died for sure if not for the kind photographer who took him to safety!

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  1. At my house, if you don’t like dog hair, don’t come in. My dogs are inside most of the day, by their choice, on my furniture, on my bed, and sometimes in my face. My house, my dogs, my rules. Love my dogs.


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