Senior Dog Ditched By Owner After 14 Years Of Friendship


I must say thanks to…. YOU people who so deeply care about animals. Because it’s people like you that saved this wonderful dog. So glad to see him get a new lease on life even if it’s just for another year or two.

In less than two hours after Ox was left at his halfway house, the dog shelter’s websites and servers were flooded by a tidal wave of emails, phone calls and walk ins. All wanting to help Ox!

Finally, after various photos of Ox were posted on Facebook, this fine dog found a new permanent home!

Ox is now living happily ever after, under the careful gaze of dog-lover Lee Ann and her amazing family.

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    • Very thankful!! What I would give, to be with my precious Copper again! I lost her 3 months ago today, of a sudden illness, and we had her for 12 years – a complete JOY!! I can’t imagine this person doing this!!😢

  1. Why would anyone choose a partner over a loyal longtime family member? Especially one that doesn’t have many years left. I don’t get that. If they make you get rid of one family member, that’s a huge act of control, they will drive everone out of their life. The stupid idiot that gave up this loyal soul, deserves whatever happens to them in this DOOMED relationship. Bet they end up killed by this loser they chose.

    • No kidding! How can you give up a tried and true family member for someone new in your life. Stand-by, previous owner. Karma may get you. Bless this sweet pup and his new loving family!

      • It is pathetic of how some treat dog / familymembers..

        I had seen this years ago. where the lady owner passed on and left the dog – Pepper ablack poodle mix and the family put him down weeks later, it touchd me, and my mom and I had a hard time being friends with them again!
        How can you bond and get rid of them? It is heartbreaking!

        • I would rather owners put their senior dog down themselves before turning it over to a shelter. Most senior dogs don’t make it out and die lonely and terrified. Educate people on this as much as we do spay and neuter. There is no shame in giving your dog an easy, humane death in the arms of his beloved owner — much better than being dumped.

    • Know why.. They really didn’t love the dog… I was so angry when I heard that. I had one of my gf complain about my dog. Guess what?? See ya!!! I ended the relationship real fast. Dogs give you 100% love. This poor old dog had to be devastated, depressed and scared. Why would anyone put a dog through this. I hope the old owner’s relationship falls apart and his hear gets broken the way her broke this dogs heart. Selfish, self centered people really really suck!!! I’m glad the dog found a beautiful person to make him happy… Hats off to the lady that adopted him…

    • I guess they never heard of Claritan!! Isn’t this just totally outrageous, no one but an idiot would do such a thing as this. It really is just shameful. I hope they don’t plan to multiply!!

      • Right! I was thinking the exact same thing. My boyfriend is soooo allergic to my cats! But guess what! He just makes sure he takes his allergy pill everyday. Problem taken care of.

  2. So I cannot believe this happened. First of all, when they were dating did this issue not come up? The significant other could have gotten allegery shots or medicine for the problem. The dog obviously doesn’t have many years left unfortunately. To the person who did this to a beautiful senior dog, SHAME ON YOU.

  3. what I wouldnt give to have my best friend for 14 years! I lost the best dog on planet earth,after sharing his love for me for only 3..I cried sooo many tears reading and seeing this,Im crying tears of joy!

  4. what I wouldnt give,to have my best friend for 14 years..I had the best dog on planet earth for only 3..I STILL MISS HIM to this other dog or human could ever come close,to the love we shared together <3

  5. One beloved dog is worth so much more than a person who may love you now, but leave or dump you later. ALWAYS, ALWAYS KEEP THE DOG AND DUMP THE DAME OR THE DUDE, WHICH EVER IT MAY BE. You won’t miss the human for too long, but if you dump the dog, I guarantee it will ALWAYS HAUNT YOU!

  6. Really? You would leave this beautiful dog who has given you unconditional love over 14 years for a new partner?? You are an A*****E! This fella is better off without you…you deserve nothing. Please keep your ass away from any pet, apparently they mean nothing to you….

  7. the way I look at it – I have a dog – he’s been my fur-baby for almost 10 years – he comes with the package – no if, ands, or buts… and if you treat my dog bad – you’re out.

  8. First the dog..
    The the car he likes (cost too much and he spends some his time on it.. Not all on her)
    The friends he has (they are a bad influence because they tell him she is a cold hearted manipulative b*tch)
    Any hobbies that he enjoys that use ‘Their’ time and ‘Their’ money (Their = Hers and only Hers)

    And finally she dumps him after the money runs out.. destroying any self esteem that he has.

    Yep – seen it so many times before

  9. Love me love my pets…otherwise hit the road. My pets are loyal loved and loving family members. Would you ask me to give away a Child? Same difference to me. So to the person who gave away Ox…you are a weak POS!

  10. I would have ditched the girlfriend….sorry but when you have a beautiful dog or cat that is loyal to you and offers unconditional love you dont ditch them!!

  11. The obvious response to the new partner should have been “they have allergy medicine for that so if this relationship is going to continue I think we’d better be making a doctor’s appointment so that all three of us can live happily ever after.

  12. So happy this beautiful dog has found a loving home, how could anyone give up their dog after 14 years, for a person whom they just met.
    Hope it all ends in tears for the bastard.
    No heart either of those 2 so called humans.

  13. This just makes me so so sad-shame on you owner-please never ever own a dog again or any animal-how would you feel if your new partner dump you when you old

  14. I was taking my granddaughter somewhere once. She too is a dog lover. However, she complained about the dog hair in the back seat of my car. I just informed her that was Kodi’s back seat and if she couldnt deal with a little hair…find another ride! Hope this guy lands in a homeless shelter somewhere minus the significant other.He deserves even worse.

  15. Thank you for giving this senior dog the loving home it deserves. I have 4 seniors and could never imagine ditching them. The person that ditched Ox probably needs prayer, but good for Ox, he is away from someone that probably didn’t love him to begin with.

  16. Normally , I would say something caustic about the owners’ actions, but the only thing that matters is Ox will be loved for the rest of his life.

  17. I sincerely hope his new lady friend dumps his butt real soon. I will never understand how someone could possibly abandon a “Family Member” like throwing out the garbage.

  18. Good is what I say. I am happy that this loving dog found a loving family and kudos to them. The former owners obviously are utterly oblivious and don’t deserve to own an animal. Perhaps one day they will find themselves in a similar, tragic situation. The only acceptable reason has to do with if they found themselves unable to care for the dog due to unforseen circumstances however the article does not address that. Animals deserve the same dignity as humans period.

  19. That’s what happened to my rescue. She was dropped off because, after 14 years, they couldn’t afford her anymore. Their lose is my gain. I’ve had her a year and I love her.

  20. I think the new insignficiant other should have been given up to the shelter instead. Animal lovers and non-animal lovers usually don’t make a lifetime anyway.

  21. I understand wanting to please a new love but to just throw the dog away (which is what they did when they sent the dog to the pound) is truly heart breaking a loyal companion of 14 yrs.. its just beyond me ..maybe its because I am not in that situation that i dont understand but I cant see giving my loyal dog up for anyone , after all he isnt considered a dog to me but family

  22. I have developed an allergy and asthma to our beloved dog, seemed to be worse for me at bedtime. Solution, I got my own little twin bed, and my husband and dog sleep in the queen bed. I still interact with our puppydog, just not in the bed. He is a fantastic member of the family.

  23. I am so glad that someone with a heart as big as Texas adopted the precious dog. That party that had the sweet animal should never be allowed to have another pet. How can you just get rid of someone that has been a part of your life for 14 years. I just don’t understand where that person’s heart was. If you would get rid of animal after that long, what would prevent you of getting rid of a person if you didn’t want them around anymore.

  24. Hope the former owner doesn’t have children as it sounds as though it would be easy to give them up for the new love.

    Ox is the definite winner even though he suffered for awhile. Thank you, thank you to Lee Ann and family. You have big hearts and many blessings for you all. Ox is in a good, loving home—what a lucky boy to have you all in his life.

  25. I adopted a dog that was 14 years and 7 months old. Lets round that up to 15 years for easier understanding. That dog lived until he was 10 days shy of his 19th birthday. He was a great dog for the entire 4 years we had him. Piccolo was his name. Miniature Dachshund.

  26. I will never understand how anyone could ever turn in their dog to a shelter because he’s too old. I hope these X Guardians never get another animal ever again. When they get old turn them in! I’m so glad good people came forward give this precious life love and attention he deserves and maybe he’ll forget past because dogs do live in the present most of the time. Sweet baby!

  27. The old “I’m allergic” lie is used so often by new partners to get rid of (old) pets they don’t like and the pet owner idiots fall for it.

    OX obviously had the wrong owner all those years. Be happy Ox and enjoy being with a real pack.

  28. Hope the previous owner who gave him up sees all these comments. Oowner bviously the person and the “new partner” who let this happen are just super crappy people.

  29. When my late husband met me he had never been around cats before and was strictly a dog person. I love both cats and dogs. I let him know up front my cats weren’t going anywhere. We were together 17 years. After he died I was talking to his ex-wife and she just about fell on the floor when she found out that I had cats and he lived with them. She told me he wouldn’t allow her to get one. I said that was your mistake you asked and you didn’t come into the relationship with them. I did and I stuck up for them. Funny part is in all this. I am the one who is allergic to both dogs and cats and I take my allergy medication so I can live with them. We didn’t find out about my allergies until I was 13 and the doctor told my parents they didn’t have to get rid of the pets (both dogs and cats) as long as I got my shots then I would be OK. Every allergist since then has agreed that as long as I take my medication then the animals don’t pose a problem. I would never ask a partner to get rid of their pet for me. It wouldn’t be fair.

  30. With only a year or two left, I would have had to tell the new “significant other” that there is just no way that I am abandoning my dog, and that if s/he loves me then waiting until he crossed the bridge would be no problem. If s/he were not willing to understand and respect that, then this is not the person for me. Long term relationships are not disposable.

  31. I adopted a 16 year old dog 7 years ago! Yes, she’s now 23 years old. She’s so happy, she doesn’t want to give up on life. Boyfriend doesn’t much like dogs. Too bad. Like a child, the dog is part of the package. Be nice to the dog, or leave.

  32. Unfortunately, this happens often. When I volunteered at our local animal shelter, the most common excuse was “Well, he’s getting old and we just don’t have time to (or can’t afford to) take care of him any more.” I’ve sat with many a senior dog and told them of my hope that, when their former owners got old, their children would drop them off at the local nursing home and disappear from their lives forever. Some people just make me feel embarrassed to be a human being.

  33. I once had 3 cats. I was engaged to a guy who’s sister told me he hated cats. He said he didn’t hate cats, he was “allergic”. He never sneezed or anything, but supposedly developed some kind of a rash. He had a son from a previous marriage. He made this comment, “Your cats you can find another home for. Kids, you can’t.”
    Needless to say, we broke up. I couldn’t stand to be around him after awhile. What REALLY bothers me is a couple of friends accused me of giving up being with someone just to be with my cats. So, why should I give up one for the other?
    The guy who gave up Ox sounds like a jerk. I don’t think the relationship is going to last.

  34. Hmmmm…..something to do with a hose and a golfball. I hope she bites him. When she gets tired of “vacuuming” the stubby guy and leaves him for greener pastures, and he is left with no one loyal to him, then he’ll be sorry.

  35. Ok, you worthless human, you and your hunney pack yer bags for a little trip. Siberian Islands, all are volcanic, have polar bears, no humans. and, wear a sweater.. it’s a bit nippy on the ice cold Siberian/Bering oceans. Precious baby!

  36. Ox is the winner and his former owner is a loser. What goes around comes around and it’s likely that new “loved” one will dump this former dog owner.

  37. I am so glad this dog found a great home. As for the previous owner. I hope she doesn’t regret trading the loyalty of a faithful pet!!! I find her a weak coward and hope she is rewarded by karma.

  38. I adopted a seven year old German shepherd whose back story was much like Ox’s~ he had lived like a king with a guy who got him as a puppy. then SHE entered their lives. First, she couldn’t stand him in the house so he was moved outside to a shed. He didn’t understand, so he barked. A lot. Neighbors began to complain and the next thing he knew he was on the way to the shelter. The guy told the intake manager the whole story and was sobbing when he left the shelter. The poor dog wasn’t there long… a local rescue pulled him in a few days and after the usual processing he was listed on their webpage as adoptable. I fell in love with his soulful eyes the moment I saw him and applied right away. Once I was accepted, I got to meet him and he came home with me that day. He is beautifully trained as to house manners and a few neat tricks We clicked right away and now, at the age of 15 he is my best friend and is napping on my couch.

  39. Ok … so you dumped your loyal friend of 14 years for a girlfriend .. shame on you …. I will be hysterically laughing when she dumps you. You are a slimebag dirtbag !!! Karma is waiting for you. My husband knew of my 2 dogs and had no issues of them … If I was to find a new partner they must accept my pets and not be allergic. Also I am now allergic to cats so if I was looking for a partner I wouldn’t choose one that liked or had cats and tell them the cats must go. That is just ludicrous.

  40. A prerequisite for a partner would be that they can be love animals, and can be around animals, and are not allergic to animals (but if they are allergic, need to be accepting to take medicine to help with allergies), because I would make it very clear, I will not part with my furry family members for anyone. So if they say they are not comfortable with my pets, then we will be just friends because my pets have been with me for years, and two are geriatric cats, and the thought of them in a shelter at 16 years of age would be too painful to even consider doing. I chose my pets for life, and that is what they deserve a safe life knowing they will always be loved and never in a metal cage, abandoned by the only human they have ever known.

  41. I have 2 geriatric cats, and the thought of them in a shelter after being abandoned by the only human they have ever known is painful to think about.

    Any future partner needs to love animals and can be around them because I will not give them up for anyone. So the owner to chose a partners issues over the dogs loyalty is sickening and disturbing.

    Thanks to the person who stepped up to give this dog a loving home.

  42. My husband and I had to put our cat Boots down on 2/24/17 due to terminal cancer. It broke my heart and I cried every day for a month. I still miss her and have several pictures of her. She brought us joy and laughter and that is what keeps us going. She was a very funny cat and we loved her to pieces. I would never give up a fur baby for a new love. I had a guy years ago ask me to give up my 2 children and go car racing with him. My response was you see that door over there. Don’t let it hit you in the ass on the way out. I couldn’t believe someone would ask such a thing of someone. Pets are family and so are my children.

  43. I can’t stand people who do that to pets. They just want pets to fill their needs, not give the poor pet a home and make them happy.

  44. So happy that Ox found someone to love him to the end. I have a 15 year old Siberian Husky with dementia. …but I made a commitment 15 years ago and I’m in it until the end. Would never even think about giving her up. Yes is it difficult, absolutely….but you give back the unconditional love they give you. Please people, don’t bring a pet into your life unless you are SURE you can make the commitment. Pets are NOT disposable.

  45. I would never ditch any of my animals for a new partner. Unfortunately some people even ditch their children (my Ex Tony) for a new woman in their life. These people just think about themselves. A new partner w3ho is caring will always find a way to deal with a situation like this or bthey are NOT worth being with.

  46. so he got himself a girl HUh I hope she leave you high and dry
    How could you be so cruel to give him to the POUND SHAME ON YOU


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