Senior Dog Was About To Be Euthanized, But Vet Took Him To Adoption Day Instead!

Life has been rough for Emu. For one, he’s old. And it doesn’t help that his family would rather have him put down than spend time taking care of him.

It’s really sad how a dog could give his world to a person who could not be bothered to reciprocate the love. If his former family loved him at all, they would have treated him and gave him love instead of dumping him at the vet to die.

Thankfully, the vet saw that there’s life left in little Emu. Therefore, they asked his former owners if they could take him to Adoption Day!

They shared his story on social media and got him a foster home. And then the outpour of donations got him the medical attention he needed.

Emu began to change. His tail wagged and he began to hope!

Still, things were looking bleak for the dog due to old age. And then came Adoption Day!

The vet was unsure if he could find a forever home. Senior dogs are always overlooked, whether it’s at shelter or during these events.

Still, they took their chances. Go to the next page to find out what becomes of Emu!



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