Senior Lab walks Dachshund. Actually has no idea what he’s doing!

An old Labrador Retriever thought it was his job to walk the Dachshund. He was holding the wiener dog’s leash as they go for a walk with their owner and other dogs. He was awesome at it and for a second there, we thought he knew exactly what he was doing.

But he didn’t. For the first 10 seconds, he was doing a fantastic job but after that, he started dragging the wiener dog by the leash and together, they turned into a tripping hazard. They were just in the way of human and other dogs walking on the same path.

The passion and willingness is there but not so much with skill. Dogs just aren’t capable of walking each other, and it’s for that reason that we humans have to do it.

Still, it’s really adorable to see a senior Lab just trying to help out his owner. Even though he’s not very good at walking the Dachshund, you have to give him props for his enthusiasm to do what he thought was his job.

Dogs can be scatterbrained and most of the time, do their jobs half baked. But that is exactly the fun side of them that we wouldn’t trade for the world.


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