Serbian Man Gives Up Everything For Dog Shelter — Now Has Over 300 Dogs With No Electricity Or Water

A man named Dejan Gacic is someone that all dog lover should hail as a hero. However, his kind heart has gotten so big, that he is having trouble taking care of the hundreds of dogs that he rescued from the streets.

Dejan has been running the Vucjak dog shelter in Serbia for around twenty years. His mother had started the incredible shelter, and after she passed, he continued on with the rescue work. He left his town and decided to live full time at the shelter.

Although their intentions were good, they had no idea the problems and issues that they would face with the stray dogs in the area. In the area of the world that they live in, people are often times very cruel to dogs.

Every single day, there are dozens more dogs that are found sick, injured, or starving. It’s an epidemic and yet Dejan doesn’t have the heart to turn any dogs away. His compassion has gotten the best of him.

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