Shelter Dog Has The Most Epic Goodbye Photo Before Heading To Forever Home!


A picture that truly says a thousand words, but resumes it all in one phrase: ” I am finally going home”. In a blink of an eye, Coso went from being a shelter dog to a family member. What else could she ask for?

She is now living in a permanent home with a loving, caring family that will forever provide her with a secure environment. Coso is no longer alone.

The photo below shows that dogs are creatures capable of high emotions. They can sense that they are unwanted and when they are needed. This guy, Coso, knows that he’s safe–at long last!

Good things can happen if you keep the faith and never lost hope. Coso knew that sooner or later, she would be placed in a well-deserved family.

Source: Lort Smith Animal Hospital/Facebook, Isabel Murray

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