Silly Labrador Steals A Kayak And Is Out To Sea Without A Paddle!

Seeing everyone having so much out paddling and playing in the water, this Labrador Retriever decided to get it a try on his own! However, with the required opposable thumb and a paddle, it didn’t go so well!

Rosy the Lab, was playing with Michael and Sean Osborne, the sons of her owner, on the shore of Loch Broom. But he adorable Lab was not content with just playing with her humans.

She decided to embark on a solo adventure of her own. She got on a kayak while her two playmates were busy swimming on the lake.

The move surprised her two playmates. What really blew their minds was that Rosy actually drifted away with the kayak on her own.

But it was obvious that Rosy didn’t think the plan through. The Osbourne’s neighbor Will Copestake, who is a kayaking instructor, saw Rosy’s misadventure. He was quick to take several photos and uploaded them on Facebook‘’My neighbour’s dog just stole his kayak and now seems to be thinking, ‘this was a bad choice’,’’ Copestake captioned the photo.

Go to the next page to see photos of the Golden’s misadventure. Absolutely priceless!


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