Silly Labrador Steals A Kayak And Is Out To Sea Without A Paddle!

You see, Rosy is part of the select group of Labrador Retrievers that do not love the water. She dislikes water so much that she didn’t even jump out of the kayak while the water was still shallow.

The non-chalant Lab decided to just float with it in the middle of the Loch, which leads out to the Atlantic!! Yikes!

The Osbournes thought that perhaps Rosy was eventually going to jump out of the kayak and swim ashore but boy, were they wrong.

Cute doggo stole a kayak.

But she clearly did not think it through.

Now she drifted too far away! Oh no.
Stunned Highland residents looked out of their windows to see a kayaking dog. Rosie the labrador was in the middle of Loch Broom near Ullapool and on her way out to sea. One witness, a kayaking instructor, took to social media to report that Rosie "had just stolen his neighbour's kayak". Rosie, none the worse for wear, was eventually returned to shore by rescuers using a rowing boat. It emerged the pet had been playing at the water's edge with her owner's teenage sons. After getting in the kayak she was rapidly carried out by the current.

“She floated all the way out and basically went to sea in a kayak. Rosy kept looking over her shoulder at the shore as she’s quite frightened of the water. We think that’s why she didn’t jump in,’’ Lisa added.

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