Skinny Dog Kept Showing At Her Front Door, Then She Finds Out His Story

Dogs have that unique instinct for people. They can tell who the good people are and instantly gravitate towards them. There have been many stories of dogs being able to identify people with ill-intention and saving others from them.

In Oklahoma, a skinny dog kept showing at Kaylie Stogsdill’s front door. He was skinny, in fact too skinny for his height and age.

Kaylie fed Biscuit every time he came over. “He would come to my house and I would give him food,” Stogsdill said.

Eventually, she called the police in hopes that they will do something about her situation.

For two years, skinny dog did not show up at Kaylie’s front door again. Therefore she assumed all is well with him.

“I thought maybe the situation was fixed,” Stogsdill said.

But one day, he suddenly made an appearance, skinnier than ever. All these years, Biscuit was suffering and she had no idea! Turn to the next page to see what happens next.


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