Sleeping Dog Wakes Up And Tries To Wake Dad, Too. He Fails Adorably!


“Let Sleeping Dogs lay,” an old saying that has much to do with this week’s star video. In this hilarious video a sleeping dog has just woken up.

He’s had his 8 hours of rest. He’s all bright eyed and bushy tail. He’s more than ready to seize the day.

“Carpe Diem” is this Doberman’s motto. He pulls and tugs and kisses dad so he’d wake up. Dad, on the other hand is more attuned to “Carpe… Hell off and let me sleep.”

This Doberman’s master, his big daddy, refuses to get out off bed. He doesn’t want anything to do with getting up.

Check out video next page to see how this Doberman came to be known as the sleeping dog. If you can’t fight them, join them!


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