Small Dog Wants Treats And Has A Creative Way Of Asking For Them!

Many dogs would sit and behave if they want a treat, but not Cooper the Shih Tzu. He does something a lot cuter and more creative.

He would sit, look at his owner and stick his tongue out on command so he could get one of those yummy snacks.

I’m not sure if the owner taught the cute dog to do this trick or the dog discovered it on his own. One thing’s for sure though, he is so cute whenever he sticks his tongue out.

Some dogs really know how to dance their way into the heart of their owners to get what they want. This dog is no exception.

It’s funny what our four-legged critters would do to get some treats. They would sit, roll over, lift their paws up and even do THIS for a taste of the reeking treats that is sure to leave a funky smell on your hand.

I would be more than happy to give a dog this creative an appropriate dose of treats! Any dog owner would agree!

Go to the next page to watch the funny dog and the way he asks for treats. He’s cute and he knows it. He will use his cuteness to his advantage, you’ll see.


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