Smart Dog Retrieves Ball From Water Without Getting Wet!


A smart dog has ingenious way of retrieving his ball from the pool! Hanging on tight, playing loose and making it look all seamlessly and cool is all in a day’s work for this otherworldly smart dog. This particular pooch has been a source of constant amusement for pooch lovers everywhere.

Her antics have basically clouded the Internet and made us eagerly await her next show.

Her name is Abby. She’s a unique, one of a kind smart dog. And, due to her popularity, everyone who follows her is cheering and clapping, yelling at the top of their lungs: “hurray, Abby is back at it again!”

Abby’s fame is a warranted attribute. Over time, and through her numerous videos, Abby has displayed an abundance of skills and sharp intelligence.

Turn to the next page to see smart dog, a Labrador Retriever, get his ball from water without getting of his board. He’s got some serious skills!


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