Woman Checks Engine After Breakdown–Shocked To Find Smiling Dog Inside!

It’s normal to expect  something weird going on in the engines when your car breaks down. It could be anything–anything but a smiling dog.

So imagine the surprise that overcame Lidiane Braga Carlos while she was running an errand one fine day. Her car suddenly stopped about two blocks from whence she came from.

Frustrated, she popped the hood of the car to check what was going on. She was prepared to see anomaly, but even so, nothing prepared her for what she was about to unfold.

A dog greeted Lidiane with the biggest smile he could muster! She was shocked. And then she had multitudes of questions.

Who is he? Is he hurt? Where did he come from? How on earth did he get in the engines?

“It was a big fright! Could you imagine a dog in the engine?” Lidiane told The Dodo. “I was so worried about whether he was hurt or not.”

Go to the next page to see how this story unfolds. How peculiar it must be to find a dog under the hood of your car.


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