Woman Checks Engine After Breakdown–Shocked To Find Smiling Dog Inside!

As if the dog being there wasn’t weird enough, he seemed content at the spot where he was stuck. He didn’t feel anxiety or distress. In fact, he seemed rather happy.

Panicked, Lidiane called the fire department for help. Before they could arrive at the scene, she, and a few equally puzzled passersby managed to pull the dog out of the engine bay.

“Thank God he wasn’t hurt,” Lidiane said. After he was pulled out, the engine was running fine again.

Although the dog got away unscathed, Lidiane  still drove him to the vet to make sure. They vets assured Lidiane that there wasn’t anything wrong with him. He was as healthy as can be!

Flip to the next page to see how the pupper’s story ends. He is such a mystery!


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