Spaying Alternative: Laparoscopic Ovariectomy

Spaying, a surgical procedure that removes the ovaries and uterus to prevent reproduction, is the mainstay sterilization technique for female dogs in the United States. In Europe, on the other hand, they prefer Laparoscopic Ovariectomy or the removal of just the ovary.

They don’t see the need to also remove the uterus and giving the dog a bigger cut to achieve the same results.This disparity boils down to one question –who’s doing it right?

The smaller, more compassionate cut.

Ovariectomy can be done via keyhole surgery which requires a much smaller incision. No one has done a study on whether or not taking just the ovaries is less painful than taking both ovaries and the uterus.

However, a comprehensive review comparing the advantages and disadvantages of both techniques found that ovariectomy, if done right, is not only less invasive but also eliminates serious complications such as ureter ligation and more common spaying side effects such as weight gain and urinary incontinence.

It also does not increase risk of endometritis, pyometra and long-term uterine pathology.Turn to the next page to read more of the story.


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