Starving Dog Rescued By Stranger Gets Second Chance At Life

If you needed a feel good story for your day – you found it. It’s always heartbreaking to hear stories of dog abuse and abandonment. But every now and again, you hear stories about Good Samaritans who display amazing acts of kindness and change a dog’s life forever.

That’s exactly what happened for a very lucky dog named Kelsey. Kelsey was beyond sick – she had horrible parasites that caused all of her fur to fall off and it was very clear that the poor thing was starving.

Thankfully – a wonderful person saw her on the side of the road and swooped her up to take her to the vet. It’s a good thing they did – you won’t believe the before and after pics of Kelsey!

Her rescuers knew it would take some time to bring Kelsey back to her normal peppy self – but everyone was willing to take the time to nurse her back to health.

This is Kelsey when she first arrived to the clinic. It’s just heart breaking to think that any dog could end up in such a horrible condition.


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