Starving Dogs Transformed By Love, Finds Forever Home

War and famine has forever haunted the mind’s of those who witnessed such tragedy. A silent promise brewing in our hearts to never allow such shame to besmirch the face of the world.

Although, it is a long way off and the similarities are fly-specks, certain animals also suffer this ill-fate. And not continents away, but in our own backyard. Right on the streets of one of America’s shiny metropolis.

Oscar and Emmy were two dogs on their last leg. Clocking in at half their optimal weight, the duo were on dire straits indeed.

They were discovered by the guy’s in blue – Chicago’s Police Department – on July the 6th. Abandoned and starving in a rundown warehouse, waiting for death to take them home.

Instantly the lads flew into action. They contacted the Trio Animal Foundation (TAF) and raced to save the suffering pups. Hooked up to IV’s in order to improve their vital signs, the two were rapidly diagnosed with a series of starvation related symptoms.

Go to the next page to see how this story ends! It’s beautiful, kaleidoscopic to the crack.


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