Stop Your Dog From Eating Cat Poo! Here’s A Healthy Dog Treat Recipe That Is Just As Disgusting!

The genius that is celebri-chef Alton Brown sets out to create the nastiest dog treat, so nasty it resembles the smell and taste of cat poop. Now why on earth would he make such a treat?

It’s no secret dogs are passionate about cat poop. They love it so much they would actually eat it!

The idea to create such a stinking treat comes after Brown’s dog smeared cat poop on his face.

It was a regular for Brown. He was reading on the sofa when his dog jumped next to him and started licking his ear. Well, that would have been pleasant until he felt something ‘’gritty’’ about the licks.

When he turned his face towards the dog, the adorable four-legged critter licked him straight in the mouth and that’s when he realized that the gritty feeling that piqued his interest turned out to be— cat litter!

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