Woman Takes Care Of Stray Dog, Then He Returns The Favor In A Major Way

Show kindness to a dog and you got yourself a friend for life. I can’t stress enough just how true that is.

For five years, Medo, a stray dog has been hanging around a neighborhood in Montenegro. He’s a fixture on a particular street and is even friends with pretty much every house there.

The street loves his presence. He is a good dog without a single mean bone in his body!

But what they did not realize is that Medo has more things to offer than his beautiful personality and companionship. His dedication to the neighborhood is caught by a security footage!

The owner of one of the houses that feed Medo was walking down the street. Walking not too far behind her is a man wearing a yellow hoodie.

You can also see Medo hanging around the street.

Out of nowhere, the hooded man hit the lady from behind and knocked her on the ground. He jumped her probably in an attempt to rob her. Go to the next page to see what happens next!


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