Stray Puppy Covered In Super Glue Fights To Stay Alive

It was obvious that the stray puppy had been walking around doused in super glue for sometime now. Dust and soil clung onto the poor puppy and hardened so badly they constricted his blood blow.

The only hope for Pascal was to have his fur removed. Therefore, the rescuers did just that in order to prevent necrosis and save poor Pascal’s life.

While the stray puppy is very strong physically, it sure took a toll on his mental well-being. I am positive that he will recover.


PASCAL IS HERE !!! PASCAL IS HERE !! THEY DROWNED HIM IN GLUE , THEY MADE FUN OF HIM , THEY BROKE HIS SPIRIT BUT THEY WON'T BE HOLDING HIM DOWN FOR LONG !! Not WHILE WE ARE ALL PULLING FOR HIM!! READ HIS STORY HERE ->'s tests for all contagious diseases came NEGATIVE ! He is tested NEGATIVE for distemper,parvo, corona BUT he has a high infection level. He is on pain medicine and antibiotics. The treatment for his skin continues. Meanwhile he quickly became the star of our clinic ! Look at him !!! He is.. PERFECT.Although Pascal has been cleaned from the horrible chemical , the incident left a huge scar in his soul. It is in his eyes , in his posture , in his lack of trust for people… He is being flooded in LOVE , love that can heal everything… PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE PASCAL ALONE IN THIS !!! HELP US SAVE PASCAL by contributing to his medical costs through the secure donation link HERE -> here in EUROS -> us save this innocent soul…SHARE !!!

Posted by Stichting He'Art of Rescue International on Thursday, November 3, 2016

It will take some time for Pascal to go back to being a happy pup but what the rescuers did for him ensures that he will get there eventually. So glad to see people turn his life around.

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  1. what the hell does any animal do to deserve such horrendous cruelty the scum who done this should be treated the same cover him/her with super glue see if anyone comes to their aid once they no what they done to this poor dog Bast-rds what goes around comes around

  2. How I’d loveto cover those horribl,horrible creeps in black tar and flour & feathers. Make them walk for a week with it on them! They need to get jobs and keep busy so they don’t have time to hurt or kill another innocent animal!

  3. What a terrible thing to do these bastards are monsters this makes me want to smack someone that did this its so sad for the defenceless animal I would love to get a tube of glue and glue there eýes together

  4. What a horrible thing to do to this poor little defensless puppy! The individuals that abused this innocent creature should receive the same inhumane treatment on themselves. I wish pascal a quick and miraculous recovery!

  5. I wish I could serve on an animal abuse jury trial. I would not look at any pictures. I would wait for the jury to receive the charge, and I would tell them, ok guilty or I hang this jury right now. I have all the time in the world. I hope theses inhuman assholes rot in hell, and the devil does to them what they did to the sweet pup.


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