Stuffed dog freaks the hell out of real dogs!

This Just For Laughs skit is so hilarious you’d want to watch it over and over. The pranking crew places a Border Collie puppet with a bone in the middle of a dog park and see if dogs will try to steal his treat.

The Collie puppet is pretending to be a real dog who is very protective of it’s bone. Of course, the stuffed Collie is actually manned by a person that will make the puppet aggressively bark at approaching dogs.

Videos with dogs are always funny. It’s great to see Just For Laughs taking a break from pranking humans and setting their sights to dogs this time. Our fur babies always make the funniest reactions.

While it looks almost impossible for any dog take the bone from the Collie, one dog actually succeeded. Check out the video to see which breed was able to outwit the stuffed Collie.

The reaction of the innocent dog that fell for this prank is just PRICELESS! It’s sad and funny at the same time how many dogs were startled by the very mean stuffed Collie!


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