Rottweiler Passed Out On Dad’s Lap Makes The Cutest Noises!

This is super adorable! Don’t you find it heartwarming when your dog, especially the big ones, crawl in your lap during nap time? It’s nice how they want to be around us all the time. They enjoy our company just as much as we enjoy theirs.

I know a snoring dog can be loud and annoying. However, the sight of Oz the Rottweiler sleeping on his daddy’s lap and snoring like hell is a beautiful sight to behold. He seems to be so at peace with his human companion by his side.

Don’t worry about a thing Oz. Off you go to dream land! I wonder what he’s dreaming of and whatever it is, it must be nice given how sound asleep he is.

It’s funny that no matter how big dogs gets, they think that they are forever babies and act like one. This guy is massive and yet he still enjoys cuddle time. How adorable this Rottweiler!

Check out the video below and watch this dog peacefully snoring himself to sleep. He’s so big and loud but cute at the same time.


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