Friendly Pit Bull Attacks Someone For The First Time, And For A Good Reason!

A Pit Bull-Boxer mix named Thor is normally a sweet dog and genuinely loves people. He comes to work with his owner Justin Ireland at a gasoline station in Maine everyday. He’s a very gentle and friendly Pit Bull.

One day, Thor was forced to get in touch with his vicious side in order to protect Justin. A man armed came barging into the gasoline station and shoved Justin aside to mug the place. Thankfully, the dog came to Justin’s rescue.

As a well-socialized dog, Thor was happily wagging his tail when he saw that a man was going to enter the store. He was probably anticipating a pet or belly rub. After all, he gets it from most dog-loving customers.

But when the man turned out to be a thief and tried to hurt Justin, Thor switched from sweet to downright protective. In the end, it didn’t turn out well for the robber and that’s all thanks to Thor.

Go to the next page to see the CCTV footage of Thor protecting his owner from the armed robber. This story would have turned out different if it weren’t for the dog that came to the shopkeeper’s rescue.



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