Family Drags Terrified Dog To Shelter –With A ROPE!

Maya could sense the loneliness that exudes from inside of the building. She was scared out of her mind. Eventually, her owners had to carry her inside because she refused to take another step.

Thankfully, someone took a video of Maya’s struggles. It caused an outrage on the internet.

Meanwhile, Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock in New York, saw the video and it broke her heart. Determined to help Maya, she called the shelter and then expressed her desire to take the poor dog in.

Watch Maya’s ordeal below.

Therefore, Maya doesn’t have to worry about betrayal ever again. She was treated for heartworm, her shots were updated and off she went to forever home!

Dogs should never be treated like this. I hope Maya is safe now.

H/T The Animal Rescue Site

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  1. I am so sick of pet owners betraying their pets. They always have an excuse. Help your animal to thrive and live. Don’t abandon it.

  2. Exactly, small minded idiots that get a pet because they know someone else has got one or “it seemed a good idea at the time”.
    Never stopping to think they’re taking on a responsibility for maybe up to 15 years.
    15 years of feeding, caring, walking, training, maintaining its welfare and above all loving their pet.
    They don’t think of the cost of vets trips and food, They are not prepared for excersising their pet come hail, rain, snow and sun.
    My dog is a member of my family, she’s loved and cared for but these people who buy then abandon dogs because ” they can’t cope” or ” it’s too much trouble” want to take a long look at themselves, they have no feelings and no shame and are an ignorant Waste of space.


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