Dog Excited About Thanksgiving Turkey Breaks Out An Epic Dance Move That You Can’t Miss!

The dog in the video got super excited over Thanksgiving turkey sitting on the kitchen counter that she got up and danced to the tune of Conga. And trust me, she’s got killer moves you have to see!

Actually, the dog probably just started dancing to the turkey when owner caught it on tape and put the Conga song in the background. This dog must really love turkey so much to stand on her hind legs and start dancing.

Still, great choice of song. It does suit the moves very well. Internet folks are really crafty with making fun of their dogs these days. The music added to this video really made it extra epic.

Props to the owner of this dog and video for sharing this hilarious video. It really made our day! It’s amazing what food can make dogs do. They would behave for it, beg for it and apparently, dance for it as well.

Click the next page to watch the  video of this adorable dog dancing to a turkey in the tune of the hit song Conga. I hope he entertained his owner enough to get a tiny piece of that fine Thanksgiving deliciousness.


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