Blind Dog Terrified After He Was Abandoned On Park Bench


Most dogs enjoy taking a stroll through the park with their owners, relaxing under a shade tree and of course, meeting other dogs. Yet, Poly was terrified at the park. Poly’s owners used her to breed a litter of puppies. Then they left her on a park bench in California shortly after. Poly was scared and alone. She was abandoned by her only family and didn’t know what to do. So Poly just sat there.

When her rescuers came to Poly’s aid, it was determined that she was only about three years old but she was also blind. Poly didn’t have a very happy life so far.

Not only did she just give birth to a litter of puppies, Poly showed signs of neglect. She was hungry, starved for affection and had a treatable skin disease.

Her foster family is treating Poly with love and compassion and also a very delicious treat. However, she may need a very expensive heart surgery and donations are being collected to help assist with dog hospital costs and any other medical care needed.

Jennifer Wales, who is the president and founder of Foreverhome Pet Rescue is really the one who rescued poor Poly. She said the extra donations will go to small nonprofits that have dogs that need similar expensive surgery and procedures. What a wonderful person!

If you are wondering how you can donate to help Poly and other dogs in her situation, Go to the Next Page to Watch the video of Poly thriving with her new foster family, but also we provide links to where you can DONATE and get updates on Poly!! She needs your help!


  1. It’s really sad how some humans used and abused her, there needs to be tougher laws for people like this.people continuously do this because they can get away with it. Put a stop to this B.S.!

      • as far as I am concerned there is no punishiment STRONG enough for these lousy, cruel inhuman people. it is time to enforce the new animal abuse felony law and make even harsher penalties!

  2. HUMANS! What a terrible thing to do to a new mommy but also one who is blind? How did you expect her to survive? Maybe you didn’t and that is why you left her on a park bench. I hope when you go blind someone leaves you on a park bench and walks away. I’m not not particularly proud to be part of this human race. What is happening to us to treat animals so very cruelly. Am glad Polly was rescued and will be given all the love and respect she deserves.

  3. My time at the surgery center was wonderful. The nurse’s were awesome. I was taken very good care of. I will be coming back in December for a colonoscopy with Dr Swedland. I know it will be just as awesome. Thank you all so much.


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