[VIDEO] This Dad Is Waiting Outside the Delivery Room. But When The Door Opens All Puppy Lovers Heart Will Melt!

A hilarious surprise and ensuing chaos awaits. It’s one of those videos that is just too great not to share with everyone you know. This Electrabel commercial is supposed to demonstrate the importance of electricity in our lives by showing how convenient and useful appliances are for raising a family. As a dog lover, this is one of the best commercials I’ve ever seen. Definitely not something I would expect from an electric company! And to have pets the star of the show was amazing. I know people have done some incredible things with teaching dogs or other pets how to do tricks, etc, but what you will see in this video on the next page will blow all that away!

In the video on the next page, you will see a father waiting outside a delivery room for newborn babies. One would automatically assume that these guys are waiting for human babies.

However, it turns out that the father is NOT who you think he is. When the delivery room door opens there’s a big bundle of surprises in the nurse’s arms!

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