[VIDEO] Loud Dog Was Told To Keep It Down. How He Responded Will Shock You.


Wouldn’t it be nice if dogs were able to keep it down like this guy? I know barking can be helpful sometimes but you know, sometimes they can be loud just because.

“This one is something new for me. I will try to teach my dog this one. He is a beagle so he can bark really loud,” said YouTuber Charlie The Beagle and Laura Olivia.

“WHY ISNT THIS LONGER??????? LOVE DIS!!” YouTube user Moonwalking Rocky commented.

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  1. I had a dog that when he barked it hurt my ears so I trained him to speak quietly and the only thing he did was move his mouth with no sound.

  2. I taught my dog this when she was a puppy eight years ago. She always barks quiet on command, but if someone comes to the door, she cannot control her excitement and still barks loud!

  3. I taught my Wiena to bark really ferocious at certain words and to whisper for treats, it was a big deal and so fun to watch. Giving her the opportunity to bark in the house at certain words also gave me the chance to teach her ‘that’s enough’ so that when she was outside and started barking, I could stop her by saying that’s enough. She was such a good dog. I do have a Petsie replica of her now so I’m not quite so lonely without her.

  4. I have a Deaf White Boxer that Barks So Loud that it blows me away. She’ll wake me up in the morning with a Bark. If I go back to sleep after letting her and the others out, she’ll bark to get me back up. I guess it’s because she can’t hear herself…There’s no way I can train her to be quiet….LOL


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