This Peaceful Puppy May Look Like He’s Sleeping But The Truth Is A Lot More Sinister

Terrible things happen when weather conditions turn heavy. People suffer on the streets, without food or shelter.

The same thing happens to animals. The Shore Animal Control recently posted a sorrowful picture of a dead doggy, who was found dead, frozen, on a sidewalk in New Jersey.

The animal control tries to avoid situation repeating itself by broadcasting the following statement: “We are posting this sad photo so that people will SPEAK UP when they see dogs outside in this weather and CALL so this doesn’t happen again.”

This dog has no ID or tag so he could not be identified. He was freezing cold, and probably escaped some abandoned structure he called home; he died alone, frozen, sad, weak and hungry.

The animal control agency said on their Facebook page that if it’s too cold outside for a person, then it’s too cold for a dog also. Go to the next page to see how this story ends.


  1. This is so sad & should never happen! This poor,innocent little puppy must have suffered terribly & all alone. Please don’t let this happen again!

  2. Most of Society try’s to ignore the horrible things in our World . I grew up a Victim of Child Abuse, and one of the horrible things I witnessed was one very cold morning as I walked through our back yard my beautiful little black pup was frozen to the ground…my dearly beloved Susie was dead. It’s very cruel to chain a innocent Pup to a wooden doghouse with no way of keeping warm. Dogs are just like people if you are cold, so is your dog. I was so broken hearted from loosing Susie I hurt every time I hear of, or see animals in need . Children only know what they are taught! A parent that shows love and kindness to people and animals is teaching their children to love and respect .

  3. This is heartbreaking.How can anyone walk past a vulnerable animal and simply ignore its plight….I have few words but many tears.

  4. So very well put and 100% correct this world would be such a better place for everyone if we could only open our eyes and our hearts and realize that we as humans fall short of God grace and animals are already there…we should be learning from them instead of the other way around. RIP little one,you suffer no more…


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