Tiny Frenchie Barks Funny And Cracks Up Her Owner!


This tiny Frenchie barks up a storm and it’s hilarious. Have you ever heard something like this before?

Now that’s a bark to remember; the sort of bark that’s so unique that it might as well be sold on the iTunes store as a ringtone.

Honey, a French Bulldog, has a couple of lungs that are the envy of an opera soprano. Okay, maybe not but I’m sure her bark is so unique it has an appeal to a certain demographic.

You see, Honey’s height limits her in many ways. She has been cursed by nature with a genetic variable that limits her kind in many ways; she’s tiny.

Tall things are buildings. Trying to reach the cookie jar is a Herculean feat.

But using her strong pipes, Honey has figured out a way to get her wishes met. Turn to the next page to watch the tiny Frenchie bark in a funny way!


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