Watch These Tiny Kittens Meet Rottweiler For The First Time. Cuteness Ensues!

Little kittens meet MJ the Rottie for the first time and the felines instantly made a connection with the him. It’s beautiful how something so big and powerful can be so gentle at the same time.

“I found these two kitten, they have seen m.j a few times since being here but this is their official first meeting of the big man :)…dont worry, Mj has plenty of experiance with small fluff balls lol,” uploader Starlaylla wrote in the description.

Rotties can be any household’s dream dog if you train them properly. It’s your dog so it’s your responsibility. Their behavior says more about you than anything else. Bad dogs mean they have been raised in the wrong hands.

This is one of those videos that make people think, “Oh ok, Rottweiler make good family members too.” In the hands of the right people, any breed can be every dog’s household pet and companion.

Go to the next page to see a gentle Rottweiler meeting tiny kittens for the first time. I don’t think anyone would say this Rottie is vicious, all thanks to his owner who raised her in a household full of love.


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