Tiny West Highland Terrier somehow impregnates Rottweiler. Gives birth to a breed called “Wotties”

This is one of those matings that will make you go “no way!!” But it happened, as difficult to believe as it may seem.

A small West Highland Terrier may be small but what he doesn’t have in size he makes up in confidence and libido. Owner Teresa Patterson was shocked to find out that his dog, a tiny terrier named Joey, has mated with the family’s female Rottweiler Zara!

Of all the dogs he could impregnate, he went for a breed twice his size. How on earth did it happen–I don’t know. But it did and their babies are among the cutest things you’ll see today and quite possibly ever.

The cross between a West Highland Terrier and a Rottweiler are called Wotties. Together, Joey and Zara brought into these world a litter of 11 super cute Wotties.


The owner of the two dogs was caught by surprise upon seeing the litter. She didn’t realize Zara was pregnant and honestly, who would have thought that a tiny dog can maneuver himself into mating with a dog much larger than he is. It’s funny how dogs have a way of getting what they want.



‘‘We got Joey in May and it must have happened straight away but we didn’t think it would have been possible.,” Teresa told Daily Mail. ‘‘Zara didn’t know what to do and I just started screaming when the puppies started popping out…”

Unfortunately, Zara lost interest in the puppies so four of the 11 Wotties died. Right now, Teresa is taking care of the remaining angels. She feeds them herself through a steady diet of Weetabix and scrambles eggs. Of course, she’s seeking out people who would be willing to give her little Wotties forever homes.


“I was completely shocked, I didn’t think nature would let this happen but at some point it did. The puppies have a lovely temperament like their parents. They are high maintenance as they want attention all the time. One of the puppies, Sparkie, which our son is having, follows me everywhere I go. But this won’t happen again – Joey will be going to the vets soon.”


Even the Kennel Club who registers over 250,000 puppies from 200 breeds every year were shocked to hear of Wotties.

“We can never say it has never happened but this is the first time we’ve come across it,” The Kennel Club told Daily Mail.

Two of Teresa’s sons each got a pup from the litter while the remaining five found forever homes elsewhere.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2518016/Tiny-male-Westie-mates-female-Rottweiler-twice-size-create-new-breed.html



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