Calling It Quits? Here Are Tips On Helping Your Dog Face A Divorce.

Dogs are no strangers to the devastating effects of a divorce. They, too, feel the sting of a broken home. Like little kids, they are quite intuitive and can sense a disruption on the state of affairs.

Dogs suffer from what is called separation anxiety, a psychological disorder that can lead to prolong melancholia. Sometimes, this wedge between in your marriage can lead to your pooch’s slip into depression.

It is important that when we decide to end a relationship we take into account our puppy’s well being. Owners tend to think of dogs as a comfort to themselves, and they alone, not noticing that they also require a measure of comfort too.

There are certain tips you can take if you’re about to submit your pooch to a divorce.

  1. Give your dog time to settle.
    Dogs are normally shuttled with the kids between you and your ex. Wherever the younglings tend to go, so does the pooch. This is a mistake. Allow your dog to settle for a decent amount of time into his new home.
    “Pets are often kept with the children, as they are seen to provide a sense of ontological security to lessen the damage of separation on kids, however, this then can mean pets are shuttled between houses with kids rather than allowed to settle in one residence or can be left with the person not necessarily best suited to care for the animal,” Sutton told the ABC.
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