Top 5 Slobber Hounds


These dog breeds drool more than one could ever mop in a lifetime. Still, we can’t help but love them because they are among the gentlest souls that have ever tread the face of the earth.

If you’ve got diligence and patience, and are more than willing to deal with excessive saliva production, you will love these breeds. As you might have already guessed, the dogs that made it to the list are huge with deep jowls and loose lips.

Some breeders may claim that they sell these breeds with “dry mouth” but always remember that these dogs will never be entirely drool free.

Check out our list of top 5 dogs that drool the most below and in the next pages.

1. Mastiff
The saliva production of Mastiffs match their size. Take it from Mastiff owners and always be ready with a towel, tissue or any rag of your preference to wipe after you adorable but super drooly baby.


We recommend that you allocate a spot for drool towels and wipes throughout the house.


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