”Únadoptable” Dog Loves And Helps All Animals. This Is Her Incredible Story!


Sometimes, the universe compensates. Karma, destiny or whatever force guide the passage of time, every-so-often, lands on the proverbial jackpot.

Princess the dog was considered by many to be unadoptable; a riff-raff, that would never find her place. She was a caring, lovable and compassionate pooch, that showed nothing but care to the outside world. Still, nonetheless, circumstances constantly forced her behind the dreaded eight ball.

Then, after so much heartache, Princess’ ship finally hit port. She was taken in by an angel named: Jenny Desmond.

A woman who is the consummate dog lover. And her husband, Jimmy, follows the same suit. Both are wildlife rehabilitators. A power couple that seeks nothing more than to help all manner of furry creatures.

Go to the next page to see the rest of the story of Princess. She sure has gone a long way since she was saved from death row.



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