Dog Spent Weeks In Veterinary ICU After Being Thrown Out Of Speeding Car

A dog ends up at veterinary ICU after being thrown out of a speeding car. He spent weeks at intensive care.

The poor pup named Buddy received multiple injuries and was in critical condition. Who wouldn’t be after being dumped the way he was?

Buddy’s rescuers weren’t sure whether or not he will make a full recovery. But they were kind people and they had faith in Buddy.

After weeks of expensive medical treatment, Buddy was released from the veterinary ICU. He doesn’t look like the same dog from weeks before.

Turn to the next page to see Buddy’s almost miraculous recovery after spending weeks at the veterinary ICU! It’s incredible.


  1. No animal can do something so wrong to be treated like this. The fool/fools who threw this dog should go straight to hell! What a beautiful pup! Thay he can trust anyone again is totally amazing! Hugs & tons of love to you Buddy and to all animals treated so horribly! We need very tuff animal laws folks. Ones where the criminal pays a hugh fine,pays for total vet bill and does a long jail time! Need to write to those in your state to have a bill passed!


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