Dog Spent Weeks In Veterinary ICU After Being Thrown Out Of Speeding Car

The day Buddy was released seems like the happiest day of his life. He’s just so thankful to experience life again.

Buddy is now running and playing and wagging his tail. He got a new lease on life and he’s not about to waste it on anything but being happy.

Check out video below and see a dog who was almost out recover from his dilemma. There’s nothing more beautiful than to see a dying creature not only survive but thrive.

So proud of you Buddy! You go, boy!

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  1. No animal can do something so wrong to be treated like this. The fool/fools who threw this dog should go straight to hell! What a beautiful pup! Thay he can trust anyone again is totally amazing! Hugs & tons of love to you Buddy and to all animals treated so horribly! We need very tuff animal laws folks. Ones where the criminal pays a hugh fine,pays for total vet bill and does a long jail time! Need to write to those in your state to have a bill passed!


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