Veterinarian Locks Himself In With An Abused Pit Bull. When He Starts To Eat, Something Amazing Happens!

There is nothing worse for an animal lover and, above all, a veterinarian to feel a patient give up the fight. It is a horrible moment when the poor vet knows, that despite his best efforts, the dog’s will to live has been vacuumed clean from a tormented soul.

Dr. Andy Mathis was minutes away from locking up for the night. His practice had fulfilled its mission of the day. Suddenly, seconds from finally going home, Dr. Mathis received a distressing call.

“A woman had just found a lost dog up by a dirt road. She feared that it truly was a touch and go sort of situation. I told her to bring in the animal.” Minutes after the creature came in, Dr. Mathis’ diagnosis was incredibly bleak.

The poor dog was suffering from a series of complications. She was anemic, hypothermic, parts of her anatomy had actually collapse; her condition was simply rolling down a steady decline towards death and it would have been easier to suggest euthanasia.

But Dr. Mathis, in a desperate need to save the poor animal, started consulting with other dog lovers and colleagues of his. Go to the next page to see the amazing result that came out of the veterinarian’s effort to save a dying dog’s life!


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