Well-Mannered Dog Knows It’s Not Cool To Pee In A Pool!

Some dogs love water. They bask in the absolute liquid embrace of H2O. Solemnly and quite reverentially enjoying the sheer joy of a proper bath, a dip in the lake or simply a splash in a stream.

Other dogs do not look as kindly to such watery sceneries. They are more akin to cats, in that respect, than to their genetic peers.

Brody, by sheer happenstance, subscribes the former and turns up his nose to the latter. He’s a pooch that absolutely loves water.

A pooch that has much to give thanks to come his birthday. His owners know of Brody’s lovable connection to water. As such, when his day of celebration comes, they gift their four-legged constant companion a kiddie pool.

Brody, no doubt taken a bit aback by the magnitude of his new prize, is at first flabbergasted by his present. Displaying a wealth of emotions and inquisitive mannerisms, that underscore his trepidation. Go to the next page to see Brody the dog treat his new pool with respect.


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