Why Dogs Eat Grass

Dog health experts are in consensus that it is completely normal for dogs to nibble on grass. But why exactly do our four-legged buddies find grass palatable?

Unlike cats, dogs are not exactly carnivores. For thousands of years before dogs were bred as human pets, they were scavengers that prey on grass-eating animals. They would eat an entire prey, including the grassy contents of its stomach because as natural-born scavengers, dogs will find nutrition from every source possible.

Today, wild canines are known for including fruits, berries and veggies in their diets because they still have that instinctive craving for greens.

Grass contains some of the essential nutrients that your dog craves that may not be sustained by his commercial diet. If you find your dog munching on grass, you should introduce cooked herbs and veggies into his diet. Don’t serve raw vegetables though because while they are not as picky as cats, they do love their food cooked.


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