Woman Flies Back To Vacation Spot To Rescue Dog That Saved Her Life

This is one of those incredible stories of people that go above and beyond to help save the life of another creature. In this case, it was a courageous stray dog that was about to be saved – but not before he saved the life of the rescuer.

Imagine being on vacation with your significant other when you’re approached by scary looking men in an aggressive way. You’re feeling threatened for your life. What on earth would you do?

That’s exactly what a young woman, named Georgia, had to contemplate while she was vacationing in Crete with her boyfriend. It quickly turned from relaxing to terrifying in a matter of minutes.

Two men asking for demands were threatening this 25-year old woman while her partner was in a cafe on their holiday. Luckily – little did she know – help wasn’t far away.

What happens next is almost too amazing to be true. Something out of the movies. But it’s true! And you’ll want to find out.



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