Woman Flies Back To Vacation Spot To Rescue Dog That Saved Her Life


A brave dog, now named Pepper, appeared out of nowhere and started jumping on the men and scared them away from the very frightened couple. But get this – the dog wouldn’t leave their side!


Pepper followed them back to their vacation spot and decided to just hang around. Eventually the couple was going to have to leave and that broke their heart. Pepper even ran after their taxi when they left for the airport!

Once Georgia returned home, she couldn’t take her mind off of Pepper. After all, she saved her life. She decided she had to go back and get her.

She bought a ticket right back to Crete and found Pepper sitting on the same beach she was rescued at! After working things out with the government, getting proper papers and vaccinations – Pepper was on her way to her new home!


But wait – it gets better! Pepper was pregnant at the time she was rescued and gave birth to six very cute and tiny puppies. They can definitely be proud of their mama.

Picture source: Huffington Post



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