Woman Arrested, Jailed For Protecting Her Dog. But Check Out What Judge Does When She Sees Footage.

In West Virginia, a dog was almost fatally shot, when the flea ridden fiend approached a well-intentioned heroic cop. The animal’s owner, Tiffanie Hupp, stepped in front of her pet and barricaded the officer’s point blank marksmanship.

During the ensuing debate, the officer, one Seth Cook, claimed he was only following protocol. West Virginia mandates gives Officers the freedom to enforce lethal force whenever an animal approaches them.

Cook instantly seized Tiffanie Hupp and arrested her for obstruction of justice. The woman acted, according to Cook, in a hostile manner.

During her subsequent trial, Tiffanie pleaded not guilty. Her lawyer claimed that in no way was her dog acting in a threatening manner, on the contrary, he was being held by a lead, several feet away from Cook, and wagging his tail.

Go to the next page to see the rest of the story! I can’t blame the lady for stepping up for her pup. Dogs are family, regardless of breed!


  1. Disturbing. Why does the article describe the friendly dog as a flea ridden fiend? Or the story as a fever ridden dream of the owner’s? Am I even reading the same language? Edit the video, because it’s terrible to watch. Story is scary and dreadful and should be serious journalism.

  2. Well it’s obvious the person writing this is not a journalist. How do they know the dog is flea ridden etc? I absolutely do not condone people not providing the proper treatment for their animals but does the dog deserve to die for the owner’s neglect? NO! Just dismissing the charges against her is not enough. The cop needs to be charged for his treatment of the woman. A total injustice!


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