Woman Takes Home Dying Dog To Make Her Last Days The Best Of Days!

One look at Grandma Dot and you will immediately notice that life hasn’t been kind to her. Before she was rescued, she lived all her life outdoors.

She was picked up by  LifeLine Animal Project shelter. But after months at the shelter, they found out she only have a couple of months left in her.  She has an incurable cancer.

They deemed it unwise to put her through treatment due to her condition and old age. Instead, they were determined more than ever to find her a loving foster hospice home.

The shelter didn’t want Grandma Dot to pass away in the shelter, and definitely not without experiencing the love and warmth of a home.

Thankfully, Jessica Miller had just finished her volunteer orientation for the shelter. During the tour, they stopped at the very last kennel, which happened to be the dying dog’s kennel.

They told her the senior dog’s story and she fell in love instantly. She decided then and there that she will take her home.

“They knew she wouldn’t have much time and desperately wanted her to be in a loving environment for whatever time she had left,” Miller says. “I was instantly moved and knew that was my purpose.”

Turn to the next page to see how Grandma Dot’s life turned out! Every dog deserves a home to pass away in peace. 



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