Camera Catches Dog Break Out Of Her Cage. The Reason Will Leave You Awe Struck!

Puppies, like some individuals, simply permeate a laydown slacker vibe. The sort of good natured outlook that makes the worries of life roll off their skin like dew drops.

Certain dogs, seem like backdrop players from a stoner comedy. Seth Rogen’s sidekick. The relaxed out on Saturn, James Franco.

They have a Hakuna Matata way to them that infects all those around. The sort of too-cool-for-school personality that simply shrugs at the world and tells the globe to take a chill pill.

In this little dog’s case, that very philosophy on life doesn’t exactly prohibit her from taking the baton of champion of the weak.

She’ll scale walls, conquer fortress, siege castle, all with the same attitude she dances through existence; stress free and with a hop in her heels.
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