Meet Arguably The World’s Strongest Rottweiler!

This very strong Rottweiler gives a whole other meaning to playing fetch. Instead of picking up a thin, 1-foot stick, he chose a freaking log–a log so massive you could use it as a pillar of a house.

And not only that, he is carrying it around like a boss. I’m not saying he’s not having difficulty dragging it all over the place but you have to commend his will even carry that piece of lumber in the first place.

I know Rottweilers are strong with a very powerful jaw, but I didn’t know they were actually this awesome. I don’t recommend having your dog do this but isn’t this guy impressive?

I have seen a lot of dogs who gaga for sticks that are way too big for them to fetch but not quite like this one. I won’t call that stick because that is 100 percent a piece of effing log!

Go to the next page to see the Rottweiler that’s carrying a log. You think he can keep it up for long? How about you go watch the video and see for yourself?


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