Your Jaw Will Drop When You See Who These Dogs Are Cuddling With!

I find it truly amazing that a species regarded as dangerous can actually co-exist peacefully with other animals. For instance, the polar bears in this video gets cozy with a pack of dogs and based on the dogs’ body language, they don’t feel threatened by the bears. In fact, they even love to play with them!

While this kind of relationship is not true between many animals in the wild, it’s nice to see some of them break stereotypes. You’d think that this would make for a dangerous combination of animals but it’s quite the opposite.

It’s sad when people hear negative stories about animals in the news. So it’s always refreshing to see something so loving and lighthearted.

There have been many rumors making rounds that a polar bear mauled some dogs to death but after doing some research, the rumor turned out to be untrue. All is well in the world, at least for these unlikely pack of friends.

If you’re not convinced, check out the video in the next page and see for yourself! I couldn’t quite believe it myself the first time I saw it.


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